Hofer Ferfud

There are consumers who don’t fancy Hofer, mainly because they don’t know much about Hofer brands and products. So we decided for a new strategy: if they’re not convinced to visit us, it’s only fair that we visit them. In collaboration with Jezeršek Culinary Academy and two young chefs we created the first and most fair Slovenian food truck project – FerFud. Together we turned Hofer products into traditional dishes with modern twist and serve them on the streets across the country under fair price (pay with social or pay as you wish) giving all income to Botrstvo v Sloveniji.





Client: Hofer

Production: Bright Visuals

Producer: Matej Marinko

Director: Rok Lukšič

DOP: Matic Oblak

Camera assistant: Andraž Brelih

Postproduction: Toni Stanovnik, Matic Carl

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