Hillstrike Snowtrike

It all started in 2011 when founder Matic, a passionate mountain biker and an all around extreme sports enthusiast had the idea of bringing mountain biking to the snow. It was the year that the first Hillstrike Snowtrike “prototype” was created.

In the following years Matic brought together a group of friends with the same passion for the sport and with different expertees. Together they made a new prototype each year. What started as something we did for fun has turned into a serious project in 2015 when the company Hillstrike d.o.o. was founded. Now they are sharing the passion with the world and start a new sporting revolution, creating not just a product, but a community too.

Check www.hillstrike.com for more.

Client: Hillstrike Snowtrike

Production: Bright Visuals

Producer: Matej Marinko

Script writer: Aljaž Tepina

Filmers: Dominik Istenič, Kristijan Stramič

Postproduction: Denis Artač


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