The biggest brands in music were always different. They pushed the boundaries of what was possible in order to create something truly remarkable. Creators of MAG-LEV Audio took the same step with the turntable. They’ve created the world’s first levitating turntable to flawlessly play vinyl records while bringing the feeling of zero gravity into your living room.
MAG-LEV Audio is designed for people who appreciate when high quality sound meets elegant, unique and innovative design. Turn it on, pick your favorite record, move the tonearm into position­­ and lower the cueing lever. Then listen and watch in awe. The experience of listening to your favorite record is combined with the uplifting experience of levitation. The time has come for music to defy gravity.

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Client: MAG-LEV

Production: Bright Visuals

Producer: Matej Marinko

Director: Luka Stanovnik

AD: Rok Lukšič

DOP: Dominik Istenič

Script writer: Aljaž Tepina

Production manager: Miha Zore

Camera assistant: Denis Artač

Light: Igor Mlakar, Sergej Udovič

Set designer: Alenka Kurner

Stylist: Tina Tanko

Make up artist: Nina Jordanovski

Postproduction: Luka Stanovnik

Sound design: Sašo Kalan

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