The Story of Paul Bragiel

Matevž Petek (founder of Povio) once called us and asked if we want to film some random guy training for the Olympics. So Rok and Luka drove up there on Dachstein without having a clue what to expect. At the end it turned out that Paul Bragiel is one of the founders of the IO Ventures investment company in Silicon Valley and one of the guys that are the most linked in the startup scene there. He also has incredible network (his best buddies are the founders of Paypal, or Youtube or Myspace or BitTorrent).

However his latest project has nothing to do with IT or startup scene – despite he has not been doing sports for 10 years he wants to attend the Olympics. Check this video showing his regular training day.

Film & Edit: Luka Stanovnik, Rok Lukšič

Sound Design: Tadej Droljc

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