The Cancer Bra

Breast cancer takes more female lives than any other type of cancer. That is why Palmers created TheCancerBra – the first bra with breast cancer, reminding women to practice regular breast self-examination. Click to view the video and spread the word!

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Client: Grey Ljubljana

Production: Bright Visuals

Producer: Matej Marinko

Director: Rok Lukšič

DOP: Dominik Istenič

2nd Camera: Andraž Brelih

Production manager: Miha Zore

Camera assistant: Denis Artač, Matic Carl

Sound man: Aljaž Lukan

Makeup artist: Andrea Pavlin Stošič, Natalija Balić

Postproduction: Toni Stanovnik

Sound design: Matjaž Zdešar


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